An Affordable Plan that protects against 10 Major Critical Illness with 100% payout upon diagnosis.

HLA FiT CI is a great start if you are looking for an affordable insurance plan that provides you comprehensive critical illness protection.

Premium Payment:   Starts from RM1,200 per year
Entry Age:   20 - 60 years old
Coverage Term:   10 years

Benefits You Can Enjoy:

🗸 Get Instant Rewards up to 35,000 Points and stay active for weekly rewards.
🗸 Earn more points to redeem a Fitness Tracker* or fast-track by topping up cash.
🗸 Protects you against 10 major critical illnesses and pays you 100% basic sum assured upon diagnosis.
🗸 For just RM3.30 a day, you will receive up to RM1,000,000 in coverage.
🗸 No complicated Medical Check-Up required. All you need to do is answer a simple health questionnaire.
🗸 We guarantee you a Fixed Premium with no increase for 10 years. Even better, we’ll automatically renew your plan for another 10 years without underwriting, and again for another 10 years!

*Fitness Tracker and rewards redemption are subject to availability of sufficient points

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