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Preferred Life

A Healthy Lifestyle Will Now Give You A Lower Cost of Coverage

Preferred Life is a special programme that enables its policyholders to pay less for their coverage when signing up for selected HLA investment-linked plans, as long as the Life Assured meets the health criteria.

It’s never too early to start living a healthy lifestyle, and what better way than to start young? Preferred Life is open to all individuals above the age of 16 that sign up for HLA EverLife Plus and/or HLA EverGain Plus. As long as they meet the health criteria, they will be able to enjoy up to 15% more coverage from their basic sum assured at no extra cost.

With Preferred Life, we are incentivising good health in a way that aligns with our goals while also raising awareness of the importance of having a protection plan. We want to empower our policyholders with the idea that their wellbeing lies in their hands, and we believe that this approach is the best way to achieve that vision.
As one of Malaysia’s leading local insurers, we feel a sense of responsibility and would like to play a part in uplifting our nation’s wellbeing by rewarding them for being healthy. We hope to be able to drive consciously healthy living to the forefront of our national consciousness with Preferred Life.