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At A Glance


As the largest local insurer in Malaysia, HLA’s Strength Lies in its Core Values upon which the foundation of its business is built on.

Sharing these values with our customers enables them to better understand HLA and relate it back to their very own, similar real-life values that they hold close to their hearts.

It is only through these common real-life values that will we are able to continuously stay connected and be relevant to our customers in the long run.

Our Core Values

binds us together.
paves the way forward.
in helping you
meet your life goals.
Trust to you is having
someone to count on.
To us, it is being that someone.
Legacy to you is a future
secured for your loved ones.
To us, it is a promise in
making sure that happens.
Dedication to you
is putting your family first.
To us, it is our commitment
to you and your family.

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