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Career Development

We are looking for the best. But what makes the best want to join us? Simply, because they want to be part of OUR CULTURE. 

We believe in innovation and in providing customers the right products and services to suit their lifestyles. And this we are able to do by keeping abreast of the latest technology, keeping a keen eye out on industry trends and developments as well as keeping sensitive to changing customers’ needs.

The environment at Hong Leong Assurance promotes work-life balance for all - sales agents and employees alike. We organize activities that encourage the sharing of talents and the promotion of cooperation and harmony in the group.

Life at Hong Leong Assurance is challenging, exciting and fun. We work hard and smart. And when we play, we play with equal fervor. We are part of a team, a family, if you will. And we face all challenges as one. And when we are victorious, we rejoice!

So if you are a driven, results-oriented, customer-focused individual, join us. If you want to learn how to be independent yet cognizant of the value of team building, we’re where you want to be.

Your career options

- Join us as staff
- Join us as agent