HLA Prime Protect Gold

Getting life coverage in your Senior Years is now easier!

HLA Prime Protect Gold is an insurance plan that offers senior citizens life protection up to age 80, even if their life insurance application has been denied in the past.

Premium Payment:   Starts from RM773 per year
Entry Age:   40 - 70 years old
Coverage Term:   up to 80 years old

Benefits You Can Enjoy:

🗸 Receive up to RM 400,ooo million in death/TPD and accidental benefits.
🗸 Be assured that the amount you will receive for death benefit will be at least the total premium you have paid at any point of time.
🗸 If death occurs due to non-accidental causes in the first two policy years, the plan only returns you the premium that you have paid.
🗸 The plan returns 110% of premium paid upon policy maturity provided there are no prior claims.

*Terms & Conditions apply

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