HLA Wealth Invest

Manage Your Savings the way you want, and receive guaranteed Cash Payouts.

HLA Wealth Invest is a savings plan that gives you the freedom to manage and grow your savings the way you want.
This plan is available in two versions.
1. HLA Wealth Invest (Yearly)
2. HLA Wealth Invest (Monthly)

Premium Payment:   Starts from RM6,000 per year
Entry Age:   30 days old - 65 years old
Pre Natal:   13th week of Gestation until Birth
Coverage Term:   30 years

Benefits You Can Enjoy:

🗸 HLA Wealth Invest (Yearly)
Gives you Guaranteed Yearly Cashback of 20% of your annual premium until the end of your term.
🗸 HLA Wealth Invest (Monthly)
Gives you Guaranteed Monthly Cashback of 1.68% of your annual premium until the 360
th month. You even get an extra 5 months of cashback upon the end of your term.
🗸 More Savings with Annual Cash Dividends, Terminal Dividend upon surrender or maturity of your policy, and even a Special Terminal Dividend upon death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).
🗸 We’ll pay you 100% of your outstanding guaranteed cash upon death or TPD, as well as an additional 100% if accidental TPD occurs.
🗸 Comprehensive Coverage with our wide range of critical illness, personal accident and medical riders.

*Terms & Conditions apply

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