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For those who wish to have a better control of their financial planning, we offer them savings and investment plans.

HLA Wealth Booster Plus

New Horizon to Accumulate Savings with Life Protection

Life has many important milestones. It would be your dream to achieve them all with an intelligent savings approach. Take advantage of the HLA Wealth Booster Plus plan to turn your dreams into a reality! HLA Wealth Booster Plus is an investment-linked insurance plan that allows you to accumulate savings so that you and your family are free of financial worries and life’s uncertainties.
The plan allows you to invest in a wide range of professionally managed funds to customise a portfolio that best meets your investment objectives.


  • Accumulate Added Savings

    Enjoy 5% additional premium allocation on the premium payable for policy year 10 and 15 when you choose a premium payment term of 15 years, while a premium payment term of 20 years gives you 5% additional premium allocation on the premium payable for policy year 10, 15 and 20.

  • Extra Bonus Units

    Additionally, beginning policy year 7, receive extra units that will be automatically added to your policy.

  • Leave a Legacy Behind

    Have the peace of mind knowing that the HLA Wealth Booster Plus plan comes with protection against death.

  • Save More, Gain More

    Enjoy 2% of additional allocations in the First Three Years with a Basic Annualised Premium of RM12,000 and above, which will increase to 4% if your Basic Annualised Premium is RM24,000 and above, and to 5% if the Basic Annualised Premium is RM30,000 and above.

Who Can Apply

  • Annualised Premium

    Minimum : RM1,200
    Maximum : Subject to underwriting

  • Basic Sum Assured

    Minimum : Depends on your entry age and annualised premium, subject to minimum of RM10,000
    Maximum : Subject to underwriting

  • Entry age of the Life Assured

    Unborn child
    Minimum: 13 weeks of gestation
    Maximum: Before birth

    Minimum: 30 days old
    Maximum: Depends on policy term selected:-
                      20 & 30 years         : 70 years old
                      35 years                 : 65 years old
                      40 years                 : 60 years old

  • Payment Frequency

    Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly & yearly

  • Payment Term Options

    6, 10, 15, & 20 years

  • Policy Term

    20, 30, 35 & 40 years

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