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Our Accident and Health plans give you peace of mind by covering your medical costs so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

180 CI Care Rider

The Ultimate Critical Illness Protection

With 62 Critical Illness categories encompassing 170 conditions and Ancillary Benefits for 10 conditions, there is still much to be done when it comes to protecting ourselves. Though advancements in medical technologies can help detect early stage symptoms or perhaps find a cure, we sometimes cannot prevent our condition from deteriorating.
To cope up emotionally and financially when you’re struck with Critical Illness, or if your health further deteriorates, what you need is the 180 CI Care Rider, an all-encompassing Critical Illness coverage rider.
This ultimate Critical Illness protection covers you from all angles of the 170 conditions in multi-stages of Critical Illnesses, from early, intermediate to advanced stage, as well as Ancillary Benefits such as Angioplasty, Diabetes and Mental Illness.
With the multi-pay benefit embedded, this rider will continue to protect you even when you are struck by another Critical Illness, up to 800% of Sum Assured as Critical Illness Benefit, and an additional 50% of Sum Assured on Ancillary Benefits for Mental Illness, Diabetes and Angioplasty. In totality, you can claim up to 850% of Sum Assured.

Early Detection, Avoid Deterioration
Each category of the covered critical illness is claimable up to 100% of Sum Assured. If your Critical Illness is detected early, you will get 50% of Sum Assured and this will be deducted from the respective category of 100% of Sum Assured. However, if your condition deteriorates, the balance of 50% of Sum Assured is payable to you.
This Rider covers 62 categories of Critical Illness, from respiratory conditions, kidney problem and heart disease to neuro and cancer. These are mostly life-threatening diseases that often require intensive care. As such, this financial support is essential.

Subsequent Event. We Still PAY!
Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke with their high prevalence are ranked the top 3 Critical Illnesses. Worry no more as this rider offers double the protection. For each category of Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke, you can claim up to 200% of Sum Assured.


  • 62 Categories of Critical Illness with 170 Conditions and Ancillary Benefits for 10 Conditions


  • Continuous coverage up to 850% of Sum Assured


  • Covers Even Diabetes and Mental Illness


  • Double Protection for Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke


  • Extensive Protection for Early, Intermediate and Advanced Stages of Critical Illness


Who Can Apply

  • Entry Age of the Life Assured

    Unborn: 13 weeks of gestation
    Others: 30 days old

    Unborn: Before birth
    Others: 70 years old

  • Rider Sum Assured

    Minimum: RM10,000
    Maximum: RM2,000,000 (Subject to CI Benefit limit of RM4,000,000 per life)

  • Rider Term

    Up to age 100

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