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Health & Medical

Our Accident and Health plans give you peace of mind by covering your medical costs so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

HLA MediShield III Rider

Every Choice is A Reward

Health is the greatest wealth and it is essential in the pursuit of passion and happiness in life. To enjoy life with peace of mind, you need the best health coverage possible.  HLA MediShield III Rider is a comprehensive medical plan that goes beyond than just ensuring your hospitalisation and surgical costs are taken care of.
This unique plan also offers you cash reward for staying healthy and economical.  Our aim is to provide you the best medical coverage and support at every choice made.
With HLA MediShield III Rider, every choice is indeed a reward!


Stay Healthy, Stay Rewarded
No Claims Incentive (NCI) rewards you with 15% of the insurance charge as cash reward for HLA MediShield III Rider (not including optional benefits). Now, you have more reasons to stay healthy!
Stay Loyal, Stay Rewarded
Stay worry-free knowing that your Room and Board benefit limit auto-increases by RM50 every 10 years to cushion the rising Room and Board cost driven by inflation. The longer you stay with the plan, the higher your Hospital Room and Board limit will be! 
Stay Economical, Stay Rewarded
If you choose a room with lower charges, 80% of the unutilised room and board benefit will be refunded to you. That’s extra cash in hand for you!




We Provide, You Decide

We understand that being diagnosed with cancer can be a difficult time for anyone, and even more challenging if a decision has to be made to undergo cancer treatments.

We respect your decision and offer you options for these 5 cancer treatments.  
•    Reimbursement for Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Targeted Therapy, Hormone Therapy or Immunotherapy; or
•    Monthly cash up to RM 5,000 for 12 months

Before you making any decision, you should consult your health care providers for advice.

What You Need To Know?


  HLA MediShield III Rider Million Extra III Overseas Treatment for Selected Surgeries II MediCash Relief
Entry Age  
Life Assured Minimum Maximum
Unborn child 13 weeks of gestation Before birth
Others 30 days old 70 years old
Minimum Maximum
30 days old 70 years old
Rider Term Up to age 100
Terms and Conditions
  1. The rates of insurance charges are not guaranteed and may be revised from time to time with 90 days’ prior written notice. Such revision will be effected on the next anniversary.
  2. All applications are subject to underwriting approval.
  3. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet for details on the waiting period, exclusions, and other term and conditions.
Tax Relief These Riders may qualify you for the personal tax relief under education and medical insurance up to RM3,000, subject to the final decision of the Inland Revenue Board.
Insurance Charges Insurance charge is deducted on monthly basis for the entire Rider term based on plan type & deductible option, attained age, sex, health status and occupation class of the Life Assured. Insurance charge is deducted on monthly basis for the entire Rider term based on attained age, health status, smoker status and sex.

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