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Our Accident and Health plans give you peace of mind by covering your medical costs so that you can concentrate on your recovery.


Off To A Great Start

In your youth, the future seems really bright and exciting, without a worry of a possible turn of tide. But if the tide does change, it’s worth planning for the unexpected.
At this stage of your life, you are probably the healthiest, which translates to very affordable premiums. And since you would’ve just started working, you can start off with an insurance plan that provides coverage for Critical Illnesses.
The HLA FiT CI is an ideal plan for those who want an insurance plan without a high commitment. The plan provides protection against 10 major Critical Illnesses by paying you 100% of the basic sum assured upon diagnosis.
Signing-up for the HLA FiT CI is a breeze as there are no complicated medical check-ups required. Just answer a simple health questionnaire and you are good to go. Even better, the plan can be automatically renewed for another 10 years without underwriting, for up to two times.

Who Can Apply

  • Who can apply


    Entry age of the Life Assured Minimum : 20 years old
    Maximum : 60 years old
    Basic Sum Assured Depends on entry age and gender
    Annualised Premium RM1,200
    Payment Frequency Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually & annually
    Policy Term 10 years

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