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Health & Medical

Our Accident and Health plans give you peace of mind by covering your medical costs so that you can concentrate on your recovery.

HLA MediShield II Rider

Extensive medical coverage that fits you smartly


At HLA, we understand your need to have the best medical treatment. During times like these, the last thing that you should worry about is the medical bill.

With coverage that lasts you up to age 1001, HLA MediShield II Rider offers comprehensive medical coverage with no Lifetime Limit. It can be used as your primary medical coverage, or to complement the medical benefits provided by your employer, or even to supplement any existing medical cover that you have. Depending on the deductible option chosen, you will enjoy huge savings2 on your insurance charges.
1 Depending on the sustainability of your policy.
2 In comparison to the plan with no deductible.
Key Features
Comprehensive, long-term medical coverage
HLA MediShield II Rider gives you comprehensive medical coverage up to the age of 1001. It is a complete medical plan that takes care of your medical bills without hassle upon admission to the hospital, and lets you focus on your recovery with peace of mind.
No lifetime limit
With no lifetime limit, HLA MediShield II Rider will ensure that you are protected till age 1001. However, there is an annual limit, which can always be increased with the purchase of the optional benefit Million Extra II.
No Claim Incentive (NCI)
Increase your Overall Annual Limit by 10% if you do not make an approved claim and do not have NCI in the past 5 years to mitigate the impact of inflation. You can enjoy this incentive for a maximum of 5 times.
1 Depending on the sustainability of your policy.
Schedule of Benefits
Plan MSII 200 MSII 300 MSII 500
Hospital & Surgical Amount (RM)
Hospital Room & Board
(up to 150 days per Rider Year)
Any levy on Hospital Room & Board charges imposed by the Government of Malaysia will be reimbursed in addition to this daily Room & Board limit.
200 300 500
Daily Cash as a result of hospitalisation due to road accidents on a Malaysian Highway3
(up to 150 days per Rider Year)
200 300 500
Daily Cash Allowance at Government Hospital
(up to 60 days per Rider Year)
100 150 250
Intensive Care Unit
(up to 75 days per Rider Year)
As charged, subject to Reasonable & Customary Charges4
Lodger Expenses
(up to 150 days per Rider Year)
Hospital Supplies & Services
Surgical Fees
(including pre-surgical assessment, Specialist’s visits and post-Surgery care up to 90 days from the date of Surgery)
Anaesthetist and Operating Theatre Fees
Organ Transplant
Day Surgery
(including pre-surgical assessment, Specialist’s visits and post-Surgery care up to 90 days from the date of Surgery)
Ambulance Fees
In-Hospital Physician Visit
(up to 150 days per Rider Year)
In-Hospital Physiotherapy Treatment Fees
(within 90 days prior to hospitalisation)

- Pre-Hospital Diagnostic Tests
- Pre-Hospital Specialist Consultation
(within 90 days following discharge from hospital)

- Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
- Traditional Chinese Medicine & Chiropractic Treatment Up to RM1,000 or 10 visits per Rider Year
Outpatient Treatment
- Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment (within 30 days following such emergency treatment)
- Emergency Accidental Dental Treatment
- Outpatient Physiotherapy Treatment (within 90 days from the date of Hospital discharge or Surgery)
- Outpatient Cancer Treatment
- Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Treatment
As charged, subject to Reasonable & Customary Charges4
Intraocular Lens (inclusive of multifocal lens) Up to RM3,000 per Surgery per eye and RM6,000 per lifetime
Home Nursing Care
(up to 180 days per lifetime)
60 80 120
Initial Overall Annual (per Rider Year) Limit 120,000 180,000 300,000
Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation5
(Limit per event)
250,000 250,000 250,000
Lifetime Limit No Lifetime Limit
3 A Malaysian Highway shall mean highway or expressway as listed by the Malaysian Highway Authority.
4 Charges for medical care which is Medically Necessary shall be considered reasonable and customary to the extent that it does not exceed the general level of charges being made by others of similar standing in the locality where the charge is incurred, when furnishing like or comparable treatment, services or supplies to individual of the same sex and of comparable age for a similar Sickness, Disease or Injury and in accordance with accepted medical standards and practice could not have been omitted without adversely affecting the Life Assured's medical condition.
5 Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation is not subjected to the Overall Annual Limit.
How to customise your medical plan to suit your affordability and needs?
Step 1: Choose the medical plan that’s right for you
Choose from MSII 200, MSII 300, or MSII 500 depending on your room & board and annual limit needs.
Step 2: Pick a deductible
You will enjoy great savings on your insurance charges depending on your chosen deductible option.
We offer savings of up to 80% on your insurance charges in comparison to the plan with no deductible.
Deductible Amount Per Rider Year (RM) Insurance Charges Savings
5,000 40%
20,000 70%
75,000 80%
A deductible is the amount of eligible claim per any one rider year to be borne by your employer, or from your existing medical coverage, or even from your own pocket. HLA will pay the balance up to the annual limit.

The following diagram is based on MSII 200, with a deductible of RM20,000.
To complement your existing medical card or employee medical coverage, you can choose from different levels of deductibles prior to and after the retirement age of 60 to enjoy savings2 on your insurance charges.
2 In comparison to the plan with no deductible.
Optional Benefits
Step 3: Enhance your annual limit with an extra RM1 million annual limit
With a very affordable insurance charge of less than RM56 per month, you can now enhance your medical coverage with the purchase of the Million Extra II (MEII) optional benefit.
Benefits At A Glance
Package Purchased Initial Annual Limit of HLA MediShield II Rider (RM) Annual Limit of Million Extra II (RM) Total Initial Annual Limit (RM)
MSII 200 +
MEII 200
120,000 1 million 1.12 million
MSII 300 +
MEII 300
180,000 1.18 million
MSII 500 +
MEII 500
300,000 1.30 million
The Emergency Evacuation Benefit and No Claim Incentive are not applicable to Million Extra II.
The deductible per rider year for Million Extra II is the same as the initial annual limit of the respective HLA MediShield II Rider.
Step 4: Extend your coverage further with overseas treatment
With additional affordable insurance charges, you may enhance your medical coverage by extending your medical treatment to pre-authorised hospitals in Singapore, Hong Kong, and China with Overseas Treatment for Selected Surgeries II for these surgeries:
(a) Surgery related to Cancer  
(b) Neurosurgery  
(c) Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery  
(d) Heart Valve Surgery  
(e) Organ Transplant (kidney, lung, liver, heart, pancreas and bone marrow)  

Once you obtain pre-authorisation from us, we shall cover all the benefits as shown in the Schedule of Benefits except for the following:

(a) Daily Cash amount for hospitalisation due to road accidents on a Malaysian Highway  
(b) Daily Cash allowance for each day confined in a Government Hospital  
(c) Traditional Chinese Medicine & Chiropractic Treatment  
(d) Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment  
(e) Emergency Accidental Dental Treatment  
(f) Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation  
The overall benefit payout is restricted to RM 250,000 per Any One Disability and RM 250,000 per Rider Year capped at RM 2.5 million in aggregate.
For any one disability of the Selected Surgeries that you choose to receive treatment in Malaysia, this optional benefit will offer you a cash allowance of RM8,000.
6 For life assured attained age 35 male, occupational class 1, MEII 200.
What do you need to know?
  HLA MediShield II Rider Million Extra II Overseas Treatment for Selected Surgeries II
Entry Age of the Life Assured Minimum: 30 days old
Maximum: 70 years old
Rider Term Up to age 100
Terms and Conditions
(a) The insurance charges are not guaranteed and may be revised from time to time with 90 days’ prior written notice. Such revision will be effected on the next anniversary.
(b) All applications are subject to underwriting approval.
(c) Please refer to Sales Illustration and Product Disclosure Sheet for details on waiting period, exclusions and other term and conditions.
Tax Relief These Riders may qualify you for the personal tax relief under education and medical insurance up to RM3,000, subject to the final decision of the Inland Revenue Board.
Insurance Charges Insurance charge is deducted on monthly basis for the entire Rider term based on plan type & deductible option, attained age, sex and occupation class of the Life Assured.