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Life Protection

We offer life protection to people from all walks of life with different needs, ranging from traditional whole life plan to term plan as well as investment-linked plan.

HLA CompleteCover Premier

With You Every Step Of The Way

Having a great insurance plan is essential to protect you and your loved ones at any point of time in life. As circumstances change, your protection needs may also vary to cater to different life goals, from prime protection to leaving a meaningful legacy and funding for retirement.

Secure yourself and your loved ones with HLA CompleteCover Premier, an investment-linked plan that provides ample life protection in your prime years, while allowing you to leave a meaningful legacy for your family in your absence. You even have the options of adjusting your coverage to suit your current and future needs while receiving a stable stream of income to plan for your retirement nest.


  • Comprehensive Protection

    You can fortify your protection against accidents, medical, a comprehensive list of critical illnesses and old age disablement.

  • Hassle-Free Extension Up To Age 100

    This plan provides flexible coverage up to age 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 that can be auto-extended hassle-free recurring every 5 years up to age 100 without going through underwriting.

  • Protection against Accidental Death due to Natural Disasters

    This plan provides you an additional coverage of 3 times of your sum assured up to RM 3 million in the event you meet with an accident and pass on due to natural disaster.

  • Protection Against Unexpected Retrenchment

    This plan protects you against unexpected retrenchment by offering 6 months of premium relief up to RM6,000 to ease your financial commitments and to ensure that your coverage continues to remain active during this trying period.

  • Safeguard Your Prime Years

    As your life stage changes from one to another such as starting a family or setting up a new business, this plan offers you an additional 25% of Initial Basic Sum Assured increase up to 6 times without medical underwriting to safeguard your financial needs.

  • Secure Your Golden Years & Leave A Legacy For Your Family

    This is the time where most of your commitments may have been fulfilled and you just want to enjoy your life with a peace of mind. You may decide to either maintain your protection or boost your coverage to secure your family’s financial future in your absence.

    To leave a more significant inheritance to your family, you can choose to double your coverage without medical underwriting even if you are not in the pink of health.

    If legacy isn’t part of your plan, you can make use of your existing savings vested in your policy to ease your financial burden in the later years and have a great retirement.

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