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Life Protection

We offer life protection to people from all walks of life with different needs, ranging from traditional whole life plan to term plan as well as investment-linked plan.

HLA CompleteCover

Your Ideal Companion For Life

What if you can have an insurance plan as a companion throughout your life journey? We have the ideal plan for you! HLA CompleteCover is a regular premium investment-linked plan that provides coverage against death and comes with a wide array of riders for a comprehensive protection solution at every stage of your life. 

Distinctive Features 

Increase Your Coverage
Enjoy the flexibility of increasing your coverage at key milestones of your life throughout your policy term without underwriting. Whether it’s taking the first step into adult life upon graduation, getting married, becoming parents, starting a business or acquiring a home, this plan will be with you every step of the way. Otherwise, you can opt to increase your coverage every 3 years in a breeze!

Each increase will be 25% of the initial basic sum assured and capped at RM100,000. The increase can be exercised up to 6 times. Additional insurance charges are chargeable for the increment.

Personalise Your Coverage
What’s more, you can even pick and choose from a wide series of riders for a more personalised coverage!

Life Protection 
Secures Your Family’s Finances in Your Absence

Critical Illness 
Covers early to late stage Critical Illnesses and even Gender-specific and Junior-specific

Covers Your Hospitalisation Cost

Protects Your Pregnancy and Your Child Even Before Birth

Covers Total & Permanent Disability and Old-Age Disability

Provides You Income Should Disability or Critical Illness Occur

Protects Your Finances Should Accidental Death or Disability Occur

Premium Waiver
Waives Premium Should Death, Disability or Critical Illness Occur


2 Choices of Life Coverage
To meet your protection needs, we have two plans for you to choose from:

HLA CompleteCover60
Your financial commitments often peak in your prime years due to family commitments, which is why receiving sufficient protection is an absolute must. HLA CompleteCover60 is a plan designed for your prime years up to age 60 to provide comprehensive protection for you and your family.

HLA CompleteCover80
To secure the future of your family even after your retirement age, choose the HLA CompleteCover80 plan for lifelong protection up to age 80.

As HLA CompleteCover is an investment-linked plan, the sustainability of your policy shall depend on your Account Value.


  • Enjoy Bonus Units!

    From the beginning of policy year 7, enjoy extra units that will be automatically added to your policy. The longer you stay with the plan, the more you will be rewarded!

  • Hassle-free Extension Up to 100

    Have the peace of mind knowing that your policy can be extended automatically at policy maturity up to age 100 without underwriting. You may need to fulfil the required premium which corresponds to the extended period, or choose to save earlier with higher premium to boost your Account Value. As this is an investment-linked plan, the sustainability of your policy shall depend on your Account Value.

  • Variety of Funds to Match Your Risk Appetite

    You can choose from a wide range of investment funds, ranging from equity, managed and income funds that match your risk appetite to optimize your potential earnings. 

Who Can Apply

  • Annual Premium

    Life Assured Minimum (RM) Maximum (RM)
    Unborn child 1,200 5,000
    Others Subject to underwriting

  • Basic Sum Assured

    Minimum : Depends on your entry age and annual premium, subject to minimum of 10,000
    Maximum : Subject to underwriting

  • Entry age of the Life Assured

    For HLA CompleteCover60,

    Life Assured Minimum Maximum
    Unborn child 13 weeks of gestation Before birth
    Others 30 days old 40 years old

    For HLA CompleteCover80,

    Life Assured Minimum Maximum
    Unborn child 13 weeks of gestation Before birth
    Others 30 days old 70 years old

  • Payment Frequency

    Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually & annually

  • Policy Term

    For HLA CompleteCover60,
    60 – Entry age
    For HLA CompleteCover80,
    80 – Entry age

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