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Life Protection

We offer life protection to people from all walks of life with different needs, ranging from traditional whole life plan to term plan as well as investment-linked plan.

HLA Asset Protector80

Empower Your Financial Security with the Power of Versatility

Empower Your Financial Security with the Power of Versatility

HLA Asset Protector80 is a regular premium investment-linked insurance plan that protects against death up to age 80 provided that the policy has sufficient Account Value. This plan gives you the flexibility of adjusting your plan to safeguard your business and secure the future of your loved ones in your absence. With this plan, you can adjust your coverage when it matters most.

Increase Your Coverage
To Leave a Meaningful Legacy
As the years go by, your family and business responsibilities will continue to increase. Hence, you’ll need adequate coverage to protect your business liabilities and secure the future of your loved ones when you’re no longer around.

HLA Asset Protector80 offers you sufficient coverage in the early years depending on your needs, and allows you the option of increasing your coverage up to 2 times without underwriting in the later years to build a meaningful legacy for your family.
Ease Your Coverage Once
Your Commitments Are Fulfilled
As an entrepreneur, protecting your business loans and key man would be your biggest commitment together with family obligations.

Once your loan has been paid off and family commitments reduce, you wouldn’t need the existing high coverage.

HLA Asset Protector80 provides you the option to receive high coverage for loan and key man protection in the early years, and allows you to ease your coverage in the later years once your commitments are fulfilled.


  • Choose Your Payment Term

    Enjoy the flexibility of choosing a premium payment term of 6 / 10 / 15 / 20 years or Full Term depending on your financial capabilities.

  • Extensive Coverage

    Enhance your protection with additional coverage against critical illness, Total Permanent Disability (TPD), Old Age Disability (OAD), and accidental death /TPD. You can also extend the coverage against death, TPD and OAD for second life assured.

  • Hassle-free Extension Up to Age 100

    Have the peace of mind knowing that your policy can be extended automatically at policy maturity up to age 100 without underwriting. You may need to fulfil the required premium which corresponds to the extended period, or choose to save earlier with higher premium to boost your Account Value. As this is an investment-linked plan, the sustainability of your policy shall depend on your Account Value.

  • No Change in Rates of Insurance Charge

    The rates of insurance charge, varying based on attained age over the policy term, are guaranteed and remain unchanged for the entire policy term.

Who Can Apply

  • Annual Premium

    Minimum Annual Premium shall be based on the Sum Assured purchased.

  • Basic Sum Assured

    Minimum : RM500,000
    Maximum : Subject to underwriting

  • Entry age of the Life Assured

    Minimum : 30 days old
    Maximum : 70 years old

  • Payment Frequency

    Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually & annually

  • Policy Term

    80 – Entry age

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