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HLA Participates in Karnival Kewangan Sandakan 2019


To actively promote its Perlindungan Tenang plans particularly Life Protector, and its online platform HLA Touch, Hong Leong Assurance (HLA) participated in Bank Negara Malaysia’s Karnival Kewangan Sandakan 2019 held at Harbour Mall recently.

The primary intention of this two-day Karnival is to educate the B40 community in Sandakan on the importance of insurance coverage and financial planning, as well as to create more awareness about Perlindungan Tenang affordable insurance plans to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The weekend Karnival attracted nearly 10,000 visitors with an array of activities held, namely talks on savings and managing debts, financial counselling and dispute management sessions, as well as exciting children-related activities.

Assistant Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, Abu Hassan Alshari (4th from right) visiting the LIAM booth. With him is Mark O’Dell, the CEO of LIAM (3rd from right).