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Introduction to Customer Portal HLA360

What is the main purpose of this portal?

To view up to-date basic information on all of your policies.
To make online premium payment and make changes to your policies.

What Information would I expect to see?

Your policy details (including the coverages/benefits), funds performance, list of our latest popular products and our current panel of hospitals.

Why I seem be able to view only very limited details of my policies unlike what was mentioned in Q2 and A2

We would need to perform the verification of your mobile number for you to obtain the comprehensive view. Please click on the “Verify” section under the section “Please verify your Phone Number for full access”. You would be required to upload a copy of your phone bill (images / PDF format is accepted).

How do I obtain Full Access?

In order to obtain Full Access, please upload your mobile phone bill here (Name & registered Mobile No reflected) for verification to secure your Personal & Policy Information.
Company or Supplementary line mobile bill is also acceptable.
If you do not have a mobile bill, upload a utility bill which has your name as proof of identity.
Preferred file type is PDF. Screen capture of bills are acceptable however, it may be rejected due to inadequate image quality or size.

My mobile phone bill is under company/ supplementary line, can I still upload my bill?

Yes you can. However, we will contact you for further verification before granting Full Access.

Can I submit utility bill that is registered under a different name?

We only accept utility bill that is registered under your name as proof of identity.

Can I submit other documents (eg. ID card/ passport/ bank statement/ insurance statement) for verification?

At this moment we only accept mobile phone bill or utility bill for verification.

How long does it take to verify my HLA360° account for Full Access?

It will take 1 to 3 working days to approve your HLA360° account.

Can I process changes to my policy?

Apart from online payment, a range of transactions is available at My Transactions.

How do I change my Address/ Mobile Number/ Payment Method

  • Change Address – Go to My Transaction -> Update Address -> Submit
  • Update Mobile Number – Go to My Transaction -> Update Email and Contact Information -> (Edit the mobile number info) -> Submit
  • Change Payment Method – Go to My Transaction -> Update Payment Method -> (Select your desired option) -> Submit

By accessing this portal, is my personal information and policy details being compromised?

No, access is strictly confined to you.

Why some of my policies are not being reflected?

Only active policies would be reflected. Please contact your servicing agent or our Hot Line should you have any query on your inactive policy.

If my policy has been absolutely assigned, would it appear in the listing?

No, as once the policy is assigned, you have effectively renounced your rights as the owner of the policy, only policies owned by you would appear in your listing.

What would happen should I change my contact number in the future, can I access this portal or should I have to re-register?

Yes you can, just update your contact number at My Transactions i.e. Update Email & Contact Information.
The change in your contact number does not warrant a re-registration.

Where do I view my payment receipt history?

You can go to Policy Details -> Premium Details/Insurance Charges to view receipt history.

Can I make premium payment even though I do not have Full Access?

Yes, you still can make premium payment without Full Access.