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Annual Statement

How do I download my latest Annual Statement?

Go to My Policy page, at the Policy Listing; click on your Policy Number and select Statement/ Notices tab. You may refer to the image shown below:


Can I view previous year’s Annual Statement in HLA360°?

You can view up to 3 years of Annual Statement in HLA360°.

I have just registered to HLA360°, how do I download my Annual Statement.

You can download Annual Statement after being granted Full Access in HLA360° and follow steps mentioned in Q2 and A2
If you have not obtain Full Access, please upload your mobile phone bill here (Name & registered Mobile No reflected) for verification to secure your Personal & Policy Information.
Company or Supplementary line mobile bill is also acceptable.
If you do not have a mobile bill, upload a utility bill which has your name as proof of identity.
Preferred file type is PDF. Screen capture of bills are acceptable however, it may be rejected due to inadequate image quality or size.